Outdoor baby photography: Our best tips and tricks for when you’re on the go

August 11, 2021

After the arrival of your bub, you’ll find it won’t be long until your camera roll fills up with hundreds – if not thousands – of photos and videos of your baby. If you’re someone that loves spending time outside with your little one, we’ve curated a list of tips for outdoor baby photography – so you’re always ready to go when you’re on the go or playing at the park together.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of the great outdoors to mix up the photos and videos you capture. Just think of the joy the photos will bring to your loved ones when you share them to your Momatu photo album.

mother lifting her baby up in the air and the baby is wearing a superman outfit and costumes are a great idea for outdoor baby photography.
Photo by Valeria Zoncoll/Unsplash.

The secret to outdoor baby photography or when you’re on the go

Get outside and start exploring

There’s nothing better than a bit of fresh air for you and your baby. If the weather is right, anytime you spend outdoors makes for the perfect spot for an impromptu photoshoot.

On the other hand, if you want to plan a shoot outside with your tiny tot, make sure to plan for the elements like sun, wind, rain or cold weather.

small child playing outside in the leaves on the grass in autumn
Photo by Irina Murza/Unsplash.


Check the forecast before you step out

If you’re planning to make the most of the elements with an outdoor photoshoot, it won’t hurt to quickly check the weather on your phone before you step outside. Keep in mind: if your baby is happy – not too cold, and not too warm – you’ll have a much better chance at capturing the moments that matter.

Remember also that newborn skin is incredibly sensitive. So, it’s best to avoid shooting outside in direct heat to help protect their delicate skin. If the sun suddenly comes out of nowhere, make sure you have some sort of shade closely to dive for cover if needed.

Location, location, location

Maybe the park near your house is a perfect spot. Or it could be a quiet spot along the beach. Perhaps it’s a relaxing stroll around the neighbourhood.

The options are endless when it comes to searching for the perfect spot to capture your little one outside.

family on the beach in the gold coast with blue sies and small waves in the background
Photo by Weiqi Xiong/Unsplash.


Candid moments are the way to go

You can try all you like to make silly faces and make your baby smile for the perfect shot; staring straight at the camera. But sometimes, the best moments are the ones that are taken in a fleeting moment when your bub is looking away from the camera; unaware of their surroundings.


A few little props won’t hurt…

If you set out for the day wanting to capture a few photos of your baby outside, you might want to carry a few props. Think: a rattle, their favourite stuffed animal, toys, an umbrella or a hat to protect them from the elements.

small child sitting on the grass outside with yellow balloons in the background while looking away at the camera
Photo by Senjuti Kundu/Unsplash.

Choose a simple background

Find a spot outside where you can pop your little one on the ground against a clean background to shoot against. Depending on the time of the day and your surroundings, see what inspires you. When you’ve found the spot, try to get down on their level and make yourself the same height as your bub – and could even mean bending down or laying on the floor.

Safety first

As always, here is a gentle reminder to remember not to put your baby in a position where they are at risk while you’re capturing baby photos outdoors. Their safety and well-being should be the number one priority at all times.

Have we forgotten any tips for outdoor baby photography? Share your favourites below.

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