Capturing the moments that matter with three children

August 11, 2021

Memories, it sounds corny, but they really are priceless. For me, the smaller my kids are, the more precious ‘firsts’ and memories there are to keep track of. The exact time they were born, the length they were, their first words and their first steps.

People told me that I’d never forget these details, but over time they do often fade, and as time goes on, you start to confuse the milestones of Child One with Child Two or Child Three. When Milla [Child One] was born, I didn’t believe you could misplace or muddle memories as special and priceless as these, but as time goes on – and now having three bundles of joy – I realise that these memories aren’t as clear as they once were.

Capturing the moments that matter with three children

Moments with Milla

With your first child, it’s easy to capture, record and save memories for eternity, because from the moment you find out they are on the way to the moment they arrive, they are your sole focus. They are your sun, your moon and your stars; they are your day and night.

Without a doubt, they are more than anything you have ever loved before, and why wouldn’t you want to record and capture every single thing they do? And I mean Every. Single. Thing. Some might say you capture too much with your first.

Along came Arlo

Then you find out you’re adding another sun, moon and stars to your world… and then another! Trying to record and capture the same things for your second and third child becomes immensely harder than before they’ve even arrived. I found out it was harder to capture special moments for Arlo [Child Two] as my time with Milla was shared – and sometimes even compromised.

Nothing can compare to having three darlings, but I do feel somewhat guilty for the moments I have missed capturing or recording. When looking at Milla’s baby books, you can clearly see when Arlo came along because the writing trails off.

The effort and time to sit down and write became unavailable, and quite frankly, the thought of it happening now seems ridiculous!

Memories with Mason

Fast forward to today, and I have three suns [one son], moons and stars. Mason’s [Child Three] memories are and will always be just as priceless as Milla’s or Arlo’s, but now they come in a different and more convenient form. That’s where Momatu comes in, a private space to record and share Mason’s memories with our nearest and dearest, so I never have to miss a moment.

Unmissable moments happen in the blink of an eye. Tell us in the comments below your favourite ways to document your child’s milestones as they grow. Or, download Momatu to capture the moments that matter.

Abby is a mum of three and a mental health advocate. Follow her @abbgilmore.