Seven reasons you need a digital family photo album

February 10, 2022

Family memories are so much richer now that we can share videos, conversations and reactions, as well as photos.

But traditional photo albums can’t capture all those interactive memories in a static book. That’s why we created Momatu: it’s a digital family photo album. It’s an interactive place to store, save and organise all our rich family memories, and more.

Here are the key reasons to ditch old-school photo albums and move to a digital family album.

Digital family photo albums are convenient

It’s impossible to share a physical album with your family in real-time. Traditional albums need to be created and sometimes posted to family in other cities or overseas, meaning we lose the immediacy of those special moments.

But a digital album can be shared in real-time, meaning nobody in the family misses an important moment.

Inviting family to Momatu

Online albums will last forever

The upside of having your memories online is that your family is constantly connected. Your digital photo album is a real-time story book. It’s not constrained to a moment in time, like a traditional photo album. But it lives and evolves just like your family: it’s a constant conversation that keeps your memories alive.

Family timeline on Momatu

Digital photo albums are interactive

This is unique to Momatu and we’re really proud of this. When your memories are saved and shared in our app, family members can react and comment on individual photos or videos, enhancing the experience for everyone. And soon, you can even hold a video call in the app so it’ll feel like you’re there when those moments are happening.

Family messaging and reactions

It’s a photo album for the whole family

It used to be that just one person created the traditional family album or baby book for new arrivals. But with a digital photo album, everyone can help curate the memories. That’s especially useful when there are dozens of versions of the same photo or video.

Instant gratification

It’s a digital-first world that’s built on instant gratification. Momatu lets families create and share online photo albums as the memories are made. This way, we can enjoy those moments now and in the future.

You can’t lose an online family album

Traditional photo albums can get lost when we move, lend them to someone or even if there’s a catastrophic event like a house fire. Similarly, losing a mobile phone or computer could see digital photos and videos lost forever.

Momatu’s digital family album is constantly backed up, so you won’t lose a single memory. And of course, you can download your photos and videos at any time.

It’s quick and easy to organise your family photos

It’s really simple to tag and organise digital family photos and videos in Momatu. And if you change your mind, you can change it. You can change how your memories are organised at any time. And because the family album is virtual, you can continually build on memories about a topic or subject over time. This means meaning you’ll be creating really rich albums of memories associated with a specific family member or topic that will span months or even years.

Tagging photos by person

You can’t do that in a traditional photo album. And because you’re not creating physical family albums, you’ll save a load of time and money. Everyone wins.

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