The only app your family needs

Momatu is your virtual home that allows you to easily share and connect, while saving your best moments securely and privately forever.

Everyday precious moments are being scattered across messaging apps and devices
While it might seem ok now, will they be safe for the future?
Or do we risk losing track of them all? Or even losing them all together?
Momatu gives your family one place to chat, connect and share while effortlessly saving the moments that matter forever...

One place to call home

We're changing the way families share. Create your virtual home, invite your family and start capturing a lifetime of moments - all in one place!

  • Family chat that stores your best moments forever
  • A personalised timeline for all family members
  • Unlimited storage of media
  • Private, secure and completely yours
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We do things differently

We’re not your traditional messaging app. In fact, we’re far from it.

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No ads
No strangers
Just family

We believe your family deserves better. Your precious moments don’t belong next to ads and your data is yours only.

Free from the dangers of social media and the noise of spam texts. Momatu is an invite-only space designed for the whole family to enjoy. Your moments are private and special - and with Momatu they stay that way.

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Privacy and safety

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