We're on a mission

To enrich family connections, bring to life more magical moments and provide a home where every family’s story can live forever.

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Everyday precious moments are being scattered across messaging apps and devices
While it might seem ok now, will they be safe for the future?
Or do we risk losing track of them all? Or even losing them all together?
Momatu gives your family one place to chat, connect and share while effortlessly saving the moments that matter forever...

Our story

Momatu was launched in 2019 as a way to help new mums tell their child’s story and document their earliest milestones. But as more people started using the app we thought, doesn't everyone's story deserve to be remembered?

Today we're all creators. We're sharing more than ever but so much of our life is being spread across digital dumping grounds.

We realised we were sharing our most treasured family moments amongst receipts and memes, in platforms we knew little about, and in places we weren't even sure were safe.

But family moments deserve better.

So we set out to build something where permanence is valued, where privacy is not an after-thought but the first thought and where the moments that matter are only shared with the people that matter.

"We all have a story. So I thought, how do I leave that for my kids and grandkids instead of just a shoebox full of dusty memories?"

Andrew Muir - Founder

Our team values

We're on a journey to build a product that changes how families share for the better. It's an exciting challenge and our values help us go forward together every step of the way.

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Think like founders

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Be eager to experience

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Be part of the family

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Express pride in our product

The Momatu team

We use Momatu to capture our own story. From the small wins to the big, from the daily moments to the really special ones... and everything in between. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we're a small team with a big vision!

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