Our favourite moments you should capture in your baby’s first year

August 12, 2021

The first days, weeks and months in your baby’s first year can fly by in a matter of moments. Anyone with kids will tell you that over time, the details about when your little one’s first tooth arrived or their first words eventually fade away. That is, unless you record the milestones as they unfold.

Not sure where to start to document your baby’s first year?

We’ve created a list of the milestones and moments you’ll want to document in their first year and add to your Momatu timeline. And before you know it, you’ll be singing “Happy Birthday” to your little one for the first time.

Our favourite moments you should capture in your baby’s first year

At birth

newborn baby at the hospital
Photo by Jimmy Conover/Unsplash.

The arrival of your little one will be one of the most important days of your life. And your baby’s first year will always be something special. A whirlwind of emotion, exhaustion and an overwhelming amount of love, it’s one day you’ll want to remember forever. Take note of the doctors and nurses, friends or family that were present; as they all played a role in ensuring that your delivery was a successful one.

Most importantly, as your baby gets older, they’ll become increasingly curious to learn about their arrival. When you’re ready to share, you’ll want to remember every moment.

The first day your baby comes home

No matter how big or small you think something is, be sure to capture and record every moment of your baby’s first day at home. As your little one gets older, they will become more and more curious to learn about their early few days with you – and you never know what will capture their attention.

By taking plenty of photos and videos to document it all helps to create a meaningful storytelling experience when the time is right.  

First encounters with friends and family

As you introduce your baby to your friends and family for the first time, you’ll soon realise how special these early moments are for everyone involved – and why it’s so important to record the precious moments.

As your little one grows older, they’ll love looking back at their first moments shared with loved ones.

Photos of you both

New born baby with a dummy in their mouth
Photo by Sean Roy/Unsplash.

There will be plenty of moments where friends and family want to feel connected with your little one, but make sure you capture enough of your moments together, spanning across the year. One way to add a unique personal touch to your Momatu timeline is to include anecdotes and stories about your shared experiences together as you navigate parenthood.

It could be years until they read it or understand, but that will only make it all the more special.

Bath time together  

newborn baby looking into the camera with blue eyes
Photo by Michal Bar Haim/Unsplash.

As you adjust to life with a newborn, the first bath together might feel insignificant, but over time will be something you’ll cherish forever. Don’t worry if you’re unable to capture the first bath, as there will be many more to come.

When your little one recognises their name

Anything your bub does for the first time is exciting, and the emotion that follows is something that should be celebrated. One of the many important milestones worth noting is when your baby recognises their name and turns their attention to you.

First smile or laugh

new born baby with black hair lying on its side
Photo by Roland Hechanova/Unsplash.

Your baby’s first smile or laugh can happen in a second and will make your heart melt – but can be tricky to capture on camera. Instead, consider adding a journal note to your Momatu timeline to record this moment and mark the date. Or, make sure your phone or camera is closeby to capture the next one.

When they start to crawl

Before you know it, your little one will be on the move. Take note of the date with a journal entry on your Momatu timeline or keep your phone on hand to record the action.

Waving hello or goodbye

Watching your baby wave hello or goodbye with all the excitement their little arms can handle is nothing short of heartwarming.

Learning to stand

Pat yourself on the back if you manage to snap this moment for the first time when it happens.


Learning to walk

You can guarantee your baby will want to know what age they took their first steps. Film or record it the moment if you can.

Otherwise, mark the date on your Momatu timeline to hold onto that memory for life.

New friendships

Two kids looking at a dog
Photo by Sabina Fratila/Unsplash.

Some of these friendships that start in the early years are the ones your child will hold onto life – and the photos you capture of your bub and friends will be the best ones to pull out at their 18th or 21st.

Favourite foods

What foods made them smile? When did they start eating solids? What foods did they love? Try writing a journal entry or only capturing feeding time through photos and videos.

First words

The moment you’ve been waiting for – your baby’s first words – and one of the most anticipated development milestones for parents. It might start as a jumble of babbling and cooing and all of a sudden you hear it: their first words. When the sounds begin to transform into real words, you’ll want to remember that feeling forever.

Playtime fun

baby trying to climb out of the sandpit
Photo by Alexander Dummer.Unsplash.

As your baby grows, they will become more and more interested in their growing collection of toys. Why not record the first time they played hide and seek with you or cracked a smile playing peek-a-boo? It might be easy enough to remember what their favourite toy is, but it’s the play-related memories that are just as important.

First Christmas, Easter and other important holidays in our baby’s first year

Your little one might not understand who Santa or the Easter Bunny is, but that doesn’t mean you should hold back from celebrating their first holiday.

Maybe it’s a special keepsake, a festive outfit or introducing new traditions; however, you choose to celebrate, make sure it’s a memorable moment.

First haircut

A before and after the photo is the best way to mark their first haircut – as it can be tricky trying to capture the action as it happens.

While it may seem trivial and sometimes even overwhelming, we can guarantee every one of these firsts within your baby’s first year will hold an endearing place in your heart forever.

First holiday

newborn baby at the beach
Photo by Luke Michael/Unsplash.

Your first adventure together will be one you’ll never forget. Maybe it’s a short weekend getaway to the country or a long trip, and the photos will speak for themselves to show how happy your little one is in their new surroundings.

Moments in between

mum and baby sitting on the ground
Photo by Katie Emslie/Unsplash.

Your first adventure together will be one you’ll never forget. Maybe it’s a short weekend getaway to the country or a long trip, and the photos will speak for themselves to show how happy your little one is in their new surroundings.

While their major milestones and special days will be remembered for the years to follow, try and add photos to your timeline of the little moments that you’re likely to forget. For example, a day at the park or the beach is the perfect setting for an impromptu photo shoot.

First birthday

We said it would come around sooner than later. With all the milestones that have passed, your bub deserves a family celebration. Hip-hip, hooray!

Tell us, what do you think are some firsts worth recording for your baby’s first year? Share your experiences in the comments below. If you haven’t already, download Momatu today and capture the moments that matter.