Momatu photo challenge: 30 photo ideas in 30 days

August 12, 2021

From small smiles to big laughs, every day is filled with moments that matter. Remember every step, stumble and stride by capturing a new memory each day and adding it to your Momatu timeline. Therefore, you and your loved ones can relive them again and again. Why not see if you can capture 30 moments in 30 days? However you choose to create your moments is up to you. But in the meantime, if you need more inspiration, here’s our pick for 30 photo ideas you need to capture.

30 photo ideas in 30 days

1. Smile of the day

Aww! Hearts everywhere will melt.

2. New tastes

From tangy lemons to sweet treats the world is full of wonderful flavours waiting to be discovered.

A young girl relaxing on the beach wrapped in a towel wearing a hat eating an icecream
Photo by Dean Bradley/Momatu.

3. Quote of the day

Kids say the darndest things. Use our quote feature to record their notable quotables.

4. Little things

Celebrate the first time the tooth fairy visits or when they conquer something new.

5. Mini-me

Recreate your favourite childhood picture with your kids or post a side-by-side photo comparison.

6. The look

You want to say no to that extra piece of chocolate but then, those eyes! How can you say no?

7. Meal time

The mess, the mayhem, the magic. Meal time captures it all and so should you.

Young toddler holding up a toy camera
Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda/Unsplash.

8. Thought of the day

Use our journal feature to record your day-to-day thoughts. After that, you can look back at your thoughts forever.

9. Outfit of the day

Some days they look especially cute.

10. Mischievous moments

What do they get up to when they think you’re not looking?

two kids playing in the park
Photo by Ashton Bingham/Unsplash.

11. Nap time

From kitchen tables to mum and dad’s bed, there are many places to rest a weary head.

12. New activities

There are so many fun things to share with your kids – whether you’re splashing in the ocean or flying kites in the park, the options are endless.

Girl in a green coat playing outside chasing bubbles simling
Photo by Leo Rivas/ Unsplash

13. New haircut

Save a lock of hair and make sure you get a before and after shot.

14. Art time

Photograph the artist hard at work and their finished masterpiece.

A girl wearing a blue apron holding onto a pink paint brush having fun with her face slightly hidden
Photo by Mike Fox/ Unsplash.

15. Dress ups

Today a pirate tomorrow a dinosaur! However you choose to play dress-ups for the day, it’s a moment you’ll love to relive over and over again.

16. Selfies

Hand over your phone and let the kids snap the selfies.

17. Tiny dancer

What does your little one get up to? Record their best moves.

18. Giggle fits

Make everyone’s day by capturing your little one laughing.

19. Brave soldier

Have they been stung by a bee or lost their favourite toy or a tooth? Capture them keeping their chin up and smiling.

A girl celebrating losing her first tooth by smiling and holding it up to the camera
Photo by Dean Bradley/Momatu.

20. Mini-masterchef

Firstly, it’s a fun activity. Secondly, it’s a way to make dinner time more special.

21. How tall today

Choose a wall in your house and chart their growth. After that, you can watch the years and growth unfold on your Momatu timeline.

22. Game time

What object did they pick in ‘I spy’? Where did you find them in hide and seek? However you choose to play, game time is always more fun when you can look back at the good times.

Toddler playing with letter blocks
Photo by Marisa Howenstine/Unsplash.

23. Play dates

With new friends and old. After all, these early friendships are the ones that might carry them through a lifetime.

24. Comedian kids

Record the things they do that make you laugh.


25. Weight

Celebrate every roll and chubby cheek by recording their growth on your timeline.

26. Family time

Three (or more) generations in one picture. Above all, your family will love looking back at these moments to come.

A woman and two young children sitting on a couch looking at photobooks
Photo by Dean Bradley/Momatu.

27. Nicknames

From little one to little plum, nicknames change as frequently as they do.

28. Bath time

However you choose to splash about, with lots of bubbles and toys to play with there’s a lot of fun to capture.

29. Little traditions

Continue making your mum’s Sunday roast, or start something completely new.

30. Walking

From wobbly first steps or jumping in puddles, each step is worth capturing.

Have we missed anything? Share your best photo ideas to capture the moments that matter. Download Momatu today