Our favourite DIY baby photoshoot ideas you can create at home

August 11, 2021

Taking your little one to a professional baby photoshoot might seem like a good idea to document a milestone event – but who needs professional photos when you can create your own mini photoshoot at home?

Check out a few of our favourite baby photoshoot ideas that will inspire you to shake things up and create moments you’ll look back on forever and ever – all from the comfort of your own home. The best part? Your friends and family will love seeing the photos or videos as you add them to your Momatu private family album.

1. All wrapped up

Baby looking at the camera wrapped in a white blanket-min
Photo by Michal Bar Haim/Unsplash.

There’s nothing better than being all wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug. For this mini-photoshoot at home, you don’t need anything special to pull off this idea. Remember – the golden rule is to keep your little one safe and sound, but enjoy the moment of trying different angles and creating a cosy environment. Another hot tip: go for a colour theme by using different shades and textures of fabric and wraps for seriously beautiful photos.

2. The fluffier, the better!  

sleeping baby lying on a fluffy brown mat with brown hair-min
Photo by Ciprian Sam/Unsplash.

Warm props – like a big fluffy blanket are another way to create the perfect DIY baby photoshoot at home. Make sure your bub is warm and comfortable so you can snap the perfect shot.


3. Simple poses  

cute baby smiling while sleeping while lying in a frog position
Photo by Hélder Almeida/Unsplash.

The simpler, the better. There’s no need to rush the house around trying to find the perfect spot, perfect props and the perfect amount of light. Keep things simple and find a spot where your baby is safe and out of harm’s way, and try this classic pose where you place your baby’s on their tummy, with their hands resting under their chin carefully.  

4. Furry friends are the best kind of friends

baby and dog sleeping near each other
Photo by Ryan Stone/Unsplash.

As your little one grows, so will the bond between them and your four-legged friend – and photos of them together will be some of the most special.


5. Their favourite toy

small baby in a pink outfit lying peacefully on a mat
Photo by Ádám Szabó/Unsplash.

A few little props here and there can help create extra special memories you’ll want to hold onto. One of our favourite ways to change up the way you capture photos of your little one is to use their favourite toy to frame the shot.

6. Fun with flowers

two small babies lying on a white sheet surrounded by roses in the shape of a heart
Photo by Travis Grossen/ Unsplash.

Who doesn’t love flowers? As a general rule, flowers of any colour, shape or size always make for beautiful newborn photoshoot props. Grab a bunch from your local florist, or see what your garden offers.


7. They say don’t play with your food… we say you should!

small baby eating cake sitting down
Photo by Henley Design Studio/Unsplash.

Meal times can be messy – and they can easily become the best place for an impromptu photoshoot to capture life’s

8. Hop to it…

small baby in a tiny knitted easter bunny oiutfit lying on a green mat
Photo by Gigin Krishnan/Unsplash.

There’s nothing wrong with a fun holiday outfit – just like this adorable knitted beanie with rabbit eats and matching bottoms with a tail. Very, very cute.

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