When it comes to finding a truly personalised gift for someone you love, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the urge to show your love by buying the biggest and most expensive gifts. This can lead to you spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and other boutique stores trying to find that one perfect gift.

If you’ve ever wished there was something more personalised, that captured the importance of your relationship with your loved one. Then why don’t you try crafting a timeline in Momatu specifically for them?

Precious gift of moments…

A beautiful timeline of their life’s best moments kept securely forever in Momatu, would make the ultimate personalised gift for them.

Capture thier earliest moment

To get started just find a collection of all their oldest moments. Pick a handful of keepers and upload them to a new timeline in Momatu.

Include people that matter

It might even be nice to try to find photos of their mum or dad to include in their timeline.

Show the good times

Find reminders of all the good times, special occasions, or their first moments.

Don’t forget the now

And, most importantly don’t forget the moments you are creating together now.

Need help getting started?

To set up a new timeline follow these three easy steps.

Create a new timeline

Open your profile section of Momatu and select New timeline.

Choose a timeline photo & name

Name your timeline and choose a great photo.

Start loading their best moments

That’s it! Now just select their best moments and save them.

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